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Warm Greetings to all Villageons

Jimmy Joseph

Junior Head

Children at primary level develop critical foundational literacy and social skills.

The basic educational framework starts with the Junior School. It lays the foundation for the child to grow and become better humans. Here the child is prepared to face the challenges and exposed to new opportunities. At the Junior Level, the emphasis is on reading and writing skills along with Arithmetic skills accompanied by Environmental Studies. Apart from the curriculum-based learning objectives, we at TVIS also aim at helping every child left to our care to learn the fundamentals of communication and cooperation through experiential learning. Learning by doing helps the child to grow physically, mentally and socially. In other words, we aim at the overall development of the child

TVIS whole-heartedly believes and aims at providing a positive environment for growing, learning and improving both the inner and outer self of every child entering its premises.

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